Redemption, Reflection & Appreciation

John and I have learned many little things while working with the Village and our financial counselor Josh.  The BIGGEST lesson learned was opening the line of communication between us about money and spending.  We are slowly but surely getting caught up and the spreadsheet that I used to track spending in December and January  has become a necessity to manage our finances.

We would like to send out a HUGE THANK YOU to Forum reporter Sherri Richards for writing our story and spending time with each family.  I believe that finances are at the heart of many problems for families, businesses and the world.

Here is a short list of the others we’d like to thank:

* Josh, our counselor at the Village for being so positive and helping us to see the light.

* The Village Family Service Center for offering so many programs to anyone and everyone in the community that is suffering and in need of a little help.

* State Bank  & Trust for your awesome gift that will help further our financial success.

* The Dockter and Richman Family for sharing their stories and proving there are a variety of financial worries affecting our community.

* Friends, family and readers that supported us through this endeavor.

And last but not least THANK YOU to our children for being understanding about our cutbacks and the changes that were made in our finances to better our lives.

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