The Impact of Money on Relationships

How often are your arguments with your spouse about money? Probably, pretty often.

Money and fights about money are a major cause of divorce. On the other hand, mental health, addiction and relationship issues can lead to money problems. If you suffer from depression and can’t work, your finances will suffer due to loss of income. If every time you fight with your spouse, you deal with the stress by going on a shopping spree, you’ll probably end up in another fight—this time about how much you spent. If you or your spouse is dealing with an addiction, your addiction is probably making a big dent in your checkbook.

The Village Financial Resource Center started because of this tie between relationships and money. In the early 70s, family and individual counselors at The Village started noting that many of their clients’ relationship issues were created or exacerbated by money problems. A little research found the National Foundation for Consumer Credit, Inc., an organization of credit counseling agencies who paved the way for the many credit counseling agencies today (not all of them helpful!).

If you and your spouse are fighting about money, call us. We’ll not only work with you on your finances, but if appropriate, can hook you up with a counselor who can help with other issues; relationship, mental health, addiction, etc.

Don’t let your financial issues negatively impact the relationships you have with your spouse and kids.